CordyOx - Supports immune system & gives more energy

This is an ancient secret from the Far East – incredible benefits of the Cordyceps sinesis fungus.

Provide your body with new energy and get active. Because of additional energy and a stronger immune system your organism works better, and your state of health improves. Such an organism is better capable to deal with stress and is able to cope with external and internal enemies.

Cordyceps sinensis – a mushroom from the Far East CordyOx Brochure

What is CordyOx?

CordyOx is a food supplement made from the Cordyceps sinesis fungus. The benefits of this rare exotic fungus species have already been known to the Eastern civilizations for centuries. more » « less

They saw it as a godsend as it was supposed to lengthen the life of their rulers and consequently also their government duration.
This unusual fungus grows in the body of caterpillars as a parasite. After the caterpillar dies, the fungus needs to produce an embryo otherwise it dies away.
Cordyceps sinesis is found in Tibet and Nepal at about 3,800 metres above mean sea level.

Properties and function

Beta-glucan stimulates physical resistance of an organism in a natural way, enables a faster rehabilitation after certain diseases, and defends your body against infections caused by viruses and bacteria. more » « less

Cordyceps sinesis contains beta-carotene, vitamins E and C, minerals, such as zinc and selenium, 77 micro- and macro elements, and unique substances: Cordycepin (Adenosine), Cordyceptic acid (D-Mannitol) and immunomodulatory polysaccharide (beta-D-glucan).

In the small intestine, beta-glucan activates cells that take care of the immune system, and then leaves your body in an unchanged form. On macrographs, there are receptors which recognize the beta-glucan as an intruder and activate the immune system. This way the cells find and remove viruses and bacteria from the body.

Recent studies have confirmed that ingredients of the Cordyceps fungus augment ATP in cells. There is a double benefit: as an important antioxidant, it gives the cells the possibility to produce more oxygen that provides the body with extra "fuel" or energy.

It is commonly used in sports as evidences about its exceptional effects on physical endurance were discovered a long time ago, however it become very popular after the Olympic Games in Beijing. It is also commonly used by elderly people who want to provide their body with extra energy and mitigate breathing. 


The consumption of Cordyceps sinesis is advised in case of protracted physical strains, increased tiredness and lack of energy. After strenuous workout, matches or stressful situations, it ensures a fast regeneration of muscles and the whole body. It is a fast and effective substance to reinforce your immune system. It helps the organism recover after various treatments. It enhances your sexual power.

Adaptogenic function

With the adaptogenic function it is possible to maintain balance in your body, and prevent problems resulting from the poor balance. The term "adaptogenic" was introduced to the world by a Soviet scientist, Dr. Lazarev, with three urgent requirements of an adaptogenic substance. more » « less

It sounds almost too good to be true: a herb that helps your body in almost all areas, and does not have adverse side effects. Modern western medicine is based on using one medication for a specific health issue, and only by using another medication it is possible to cure another problem.
must be innocuous and cause very little or no adverse side effects in the physiological functions of an organism;
must create non-specific immune system resistance against all kinds of problems (physical, biological and chemical);
must have a completely natural effect on various bodily functions.