Rewarding for 24Betterlife friends

Objective: Rewarding customers who continually use the products from Blu Vela program.

Each registered customer (Friend) in 24betterlife system gets its own code.

All purchases that the consumer conduct, whether buying or ordering through the portal through the Promoter and Partner, to accumulate up to 200 CV *.

Each cycle of accumulated 200CV Friend brings the right to purchase a bonus.

Bonus buying, it means the ability to Friend sent quantity they want, with 15% discount.

During the bonus of buying consumer is not accumulated CV to be accomplished this by purchasing, and all his senior sponsors (the entire line-up line) receive 50% CV, which he achieved this buy. Bonus purchases can only be realized through direct purchase through the portal, or through partners. Promoters may not serve Bonus purchases on behalf of the Friend of their structures.

Consumer can purchase unlimited accumulated bonus and they are clearly stated on the website Blu Vela.

* Unless the particular country have adopted different limits, which is all the information on the site