BluVela is continually developing exclusive new brands that will enhance the lives of its customers, marking the natural evolution of BluVela's product offering from unique, higher-end and high-quality goods, to well-researched and highly effective consumable goods.

Our plan is not charged DISTRIBUTOR FEE.

Promoters do not get points by entering the consumer or other promoters.

We do not have the condition and activities of our PROMOTERS not conditioned to buy products to get your commission. They get them even though nothing personal message, but still buy our PROMOTERS our products and their customers to transfer to other promoters.

Building a successful business is not possible, if you do not enjoy all the challenges that ahead.

  1. Your time is free and natural.
  2. Everything he did and realized the consequences of your choices.
  3. Once you have the wind in my sails, sometimes you have to go back a step or two, to find the right course.

Whichever of these two directions, energy, time, and most important of all, your emotions, just as long as you invest one hundred percent sure that you are doing the right thing:

  • to offer products that deserve to be closest to you and you use it,
  • to commission you receive is considered a reasonable compensation
    for the work,
  • to develop a vision which the company carries an even better future.

Full sail ahead and good luck!