Which Membership Type Best Suits You?


By purchasing any product from the program Vela Blu, the consumer has the right to register. Get the code, register the consumer - FRIEND, gets a place in the binary organization and can enjoy the bonus purchases. For every 200 * Value ** Commission accumulated purchase, the consumer is entitled to the bonus buy. No matter how many products purchased during the bonus purchase, Friend gets 15% discount. All deliveries of more than 50CV for each Friend is free. Friend at any time can improve the status of the promoter. Membership in a position to Friend renew annually

* Except for countries outside the EU, where the bonus purchase made with 100CV accumulated purchases

** CV - Value Commission was assigned the value of education for each product in the sales range BluVela. On the site www.bluvela.eu you can always find the current price list, which contains CV for each product.


Purchasing Promoter Kit, worth 260CV * natural person becomes PROMOTER in two4better life. Promoter gets your code, place the binary organization and all other rights under two4better life program. 2 ways and 4 possibilities of the commission before the promoter. PROMOTERS Membership lasts one year and renewed buying Renew Promoter Kit worth 260CV.

* Except for countries outside the EU, where the value of the Promoter Kit 130CV.


Partner is a legal entity, engaged in retailing of products from Blu Vela and supply of Friend and promoters who are using Blu Vela software targeted at the retail store. The condition for this status is to buy Partner Kit and join the AOS (auto-order system). Criteria for the start of registration partners are described in the document of rules and procedures.