Compensation plan

The basic principle of this compensation plan is the freedom of choice in the way we want to begin their activity. Freedom in relation to the choice of purchase, product type and volume. Freedom on contacts that we want to build with their customers and associates.

Our plan is not charged DISTRIBUTOR FEE and no other forms of revenue, but revenue from sales of products in our range.

Promoters NOT gain points by entering the consumer or other promoters. There are no terms of activities and our PROMOTERS are not obliged to buy products to get your commission.

Our mutual success is associated with top quality products, which is a combination of its total value and the form in which it is formed.

Educate consumers about the quality of our work.

Business opportunity is very interesting, but it is still a possibility. Implement this option means spread enthusiasm about the quality of products and help consumers develop the habit of thinking:


Building a successful business is not possible, if you do not enjoy all the challenges that lie ahead.

Your time is free and natural.

All you're doing and realize the consequences of your choices.

Once you have the wind in the sails and you would think that success is already there. There will be times when you will have to return a step or two, to find the right course.

No matter what stage in the development work was, your energy, time, and most important of all your emotions, only invest when you have one hundred percent sure that you are doing the right thing:

  • that the products we offer merit to you and your nearest used,
  • to earn commissions represent reasonable compensation for the work,
  • that the vision that bears the company is developing an even better future.