Executive and Extraexecutive bonus

Objective: Provide promoters involved in constructing large networks of consumers, to demonstrate success in this extraordinary work.

When a promoter during one billing period to achieve turnover in excess of Pay Team 8000CV, he crosses the Executive Level for that accounting period. Each Commission Value Promoter realize that in their Pay-Team more than 8000 turns into an action (share) from the Executive of the Fund in this financial period. Executive Fund is 4% of the sum of all CV generated in the entire 24BetterLife system. Shares Value 1 is obtained by dividing the sum of CV from the Executive Fund by the total number of shares for each accounting period in particular.

Executive Bonus for each promoter is given as a product mnozenja value of a Securities and number of shares by the Promoter made during the accounting period:

Executive Bonus Promoter Promoter Action = Σ x Value of Shares *

* Stock Value = 4% total CV: Action of Promoter

ExtraExecutive comes from bonus is the goal to be one of najstimulativnijih of network marketing term.

As a binary system of network marketing term "is characterized statistcs to distribution fees, then the budgetary periods circumstances education Can happen to prposed value fee for Business Level is completely worth it. In the case of this, 50% of those You Save transferred into a special fund that serves to pay ExtraExecutive bonus.

All promoters of the Executive Level qualifying share by an equal amount of funds from ExstraExecutive Fund, for each budgetary period processed singles.

Qualification at Executive Level at least 4 times in one quarter, Promoter sti e the right to appear as lecturers and on the official nom seminar at the invitation of the organization and Blu Vela.