2 kind and 4 ways to earn income

Objective: Rewarding promoters provide a service to education and organization of distribution of goods for its consumers.

Promoters realize their commission on one of two ways:

  • direct distribution of products for its customers
  • building networks Friend, Promoter and Partner

The calculation of salaries and bonuses, except for the Liberty Fund, is done on weekly basis and every Sunday from 6pm to 10pm at Central European Time.

Payment of fees is done by entering a net worth of bonuses as BV Credits every Monday at 00.00h acceptable as a means of payment for ordering BluVela products. BV Credits balance at the end of each month is reversed, and surprised the amount paid to 20 in the future for the previous month on account of promoters.


The promoter can make ordering products for any registered Friend or promoter in their downline structure. Along with ordering certain types of products, Promoter selects the address for the individual Orders will be sent.

For all orders implemented by your code, or through their sites on, without Regardless of the number and amounts of CV, Promoter shall be entitled to Direct Distributing Bonus:

The total price of order


The price you pay for promoter
For all personal orders or orders for any Friend or Promoter Promoter in their organization gets a bonus 15%, regardless of how many places orders sent.


15% of all orders made through its web site BONUS