Why a Business with BluVela?

The fundamental criteria for BluVela's product selection and development are: innovation; exclusivity; quality; uniqueness; fitting into the philosophy of the company; and most importantly, fulfiling a need as a product that customers want to purchase themselves and/or promote to others. BluVela products are always and only introduced with the customer in mind.

BluVela is continually developing exclusive new brands that will enhance the lives of its customers, marking the natural evolution of BluVela's product offering from unique, higher-end and high-quality goods, to well-researched and highly effective consumable goods.

Low Start-Up Costs 

To start your own home-based BluVela business, there is very little upfront investment and no qualifying volume or inventory requirements. The only required purchase is BluVela’s Business Development System.

Simple Compensation Structure 

No previous experience is necessary for you to be successful with BluVela—just bring a willingness to learn and a passion for helping others improve their lives. It only takes your efforts and two individuals to do the same for you to start building a profitable downline organization. And, depending on your ambition and efforts, you can start earning commissions in your first week simply by sharing the products with others and ordering some for yourself. 

Incredible Earning Potential

Unlike a traditional job that gives you only one way to earn income, BluVela’s award-winning compensation plan offers an incredible six ways to earn income, providing a realistic opportunity to leverage your downline’s efforts to earn an above-average commission check every week.


Your Business Fits Your Life

It’s your business. You work where, when, and how you want. Generally, if you put in a little bit of work, you’ll earn a little bit of income. If you put in more work, your earnings will increase. And, you’ll be free from the typical workweek irritations—no alarm clock, no schedule, no rush hour traffic, and no boss.

A World of Possibilities

If you’ve always wanted to travel the world, BluVela is your ticket to a successful international business. BluVela responsibly expands by choosing promising markets around the Europe in which to open for business.

The Leader in Quality and Innovation

BluVela’s quality products are formulated by a world-class scientific team based on cutting-edge, proven science and expertise in keeping cells healthy through optimal nutrition.

BluVela is behind you every step of the way. You will receive expert training and have access to a wealth of tools to make your life easier: a full Associate-only Web site where you can get the latest news, training, free downloads, and business management services; frequent Web conferences; unforgettable events; eye-catching sales aids, professional multimedia productions; exciting publications; and much more.