Best Products, Right Business

The main criteria for BluVela's product selection and development are: innovation; exclusivity; quality; uniqueness; fitting into the philosophy of the company; and most importantly, fulfiling a need as a product that customers want to purchase themselves and/or promote to others. BluVela products are always and only introduced with the customer in mind.

BluVela is continually developing exclusive new brands that will enhance the lives of its customers, marking the natural evolution of BluVela's product offering from unique, higher-end and high-quality goods, to well-researched and highly effective consumable goods.

Direct selling is a growing and exciting industry that provides companies an alternative channel of the distribution and sale of products and/or services directly to customers, away from a traditional retail location. The industry allows businesses to connect with customers one-on-one – be it in person, online, by phone or through catalogue sales. This 'connection' to customers is achieved through independent distributors.

BluVela is guided by a Vision, Mission and Core Values, shared by each and every member of the company. Underlying its operations is a commitment to professionalism and a dedication to service.


Our Vision is to be a european leader and influencer within the direct selling industry, with a commitment to adhering to the highest standards in professional business practices at a corporate level and within our worldwide network of distributors.


Our Mission is to help individuals reach their potential and achieve their goals by offering entrepreneurial opportunities and the highest quality products, all while contributing to the global community.


We work together as a unified team with a common goal in order to achieve the best outcome to the benefit of everyone. We are many and varied, but we work together as one.


We conduct ourselves and all our business dealings with the utmost of integrity, and we treat others with total honesty and genuine respect.